New Mopeka Pro Check Sensor available 

Mopeka Pro Check Universal - Latest Version

Designed to meet the demands of Residential, RV, Grill, BBQ, and Outdoor Heating needs with the latest enhancements. 

Designed for multiple commodities including Propane, Butane, Water (Fresh and Grey), Beverages, Oil, Diesel and Chemicals. Make your selection based on the Commodity you wish to measure and you storage tank.

  • The Mopeka Pro Check Universal Sensor is the next generation of our powerful Pro Check Technology and gives users the same great usability and connectivity, but adds significantly new and beneficial features: Enhanced accuracy – the Pro Check already has a 99% level of accuracy… the Pro Check Universal will further extend this accuracy to 99.5%
  • Additional commodities – the Tank Check App that accompanies the Pro Check Universal will add additional commodities to the drop down list including Diesel, Oil, Water, Propane, Butane, Anhydrous and other liquid commodities 
  •  63% increase in battery life of the sensor over the original Pro Check


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